• The shortest rental period is 24 hours for daily rentals, and 30 days for monthly rentals.


  • Special price is applied for monthly rentals. For more information on monthly rental prices and conditions, you can call the 24/7 call center on 0850 305 07 07 or you can visit the nearest AYTUCAR office.


  • In order to rent an economic group car, you must be over the age of 23 and have a B group driver's license for at least 2 years. 


  • In order to rent vehicles in the economic group, at least 23 years old and 2 years B group driver's license is required.
  • In order to rent the vehicles in the middle group, at least 25 years old and 3 years of B group driving license is required.
  • In order to rent the vehicles in the upper group, it is necessary to have a license of at least 25 years old and group B for 3 years.
  • In order to rent vehicles in the luxury group, at least 27 years old and 5 years of Group B driver's license is required.


  • Your reservation, which you have made via our website, Call Center, Offices, Online, Telephone or other ways, has been confirmed by the vehicle group guaranteed (SIPP). There is no brand warranty. However, if there is availability when you go to the relevant office, you can obtain it other brand vehicles in the group you have reserved.


  • If you submit your reservation request via phone, e-mail or Whatsapp, our vehicle status will be checked by our reservation center according to the information you have requested and you will be answered positively or negatively. 
  • Reservations you made on our website, the system automatically sends the "reservation request information" to the e-mail address you specified, indicating that your reservation request has been received by us. This e-mail does not mean that your reservation has been accepted. Your vehicle status, payment information, whether you comply with the rental conditions are checked according to the information you request depending on the Pay on Delivery or Pay Now option, and you will receive a positive or negative response, primarily via SMS, telephone or e-mail. given.
  • If your reservation is not confirmed due to reasons such as lack of vehicle availability, not meeting the rental conditions, and your payment not being credited to our accounts, you will be informed by phone or e-mail during working hours that your reservation request cannot be met.
  • If you have made a payment, the full amount of your payment will be returned to the credit card you made the payment without any interruption.


  • When your reservation is confirmed, you will be informed by phone, e-mail or SMS. For this reason, please make sure that the contact information you have provided is correct and complete when you make reservations via telephone, e-mail, whatsapp or web.
  • If you do not receive a message or e-mail confirming the confirmation of your reservation due to technical reasons to the phone number or e-mail address you specified when creating the reservation, we request you to contact our call center (mail-whatsapp-phone) and get information about the status of your reservation.


  • In order for the vehicle to be used by the person and/or persons other than the renter, it is possible to add the Driver's License information of the additional driver to the Rental Agreement, with an additional fee. In the event of any accident by the user and/or users not included in the rental agreement, all guarantees will be voided, and both the lessor and the person/persons who drive the vehicle are held responsible separately and jointly. You can call our Reservation Center for price and detailed information.( Additional driver rental conditions are the same as those found in Driver's License and Age Restrictions.)
  • Provided that the person meets the rental conditions and is recorded in the Rental Vehicle Agreement, the Additional Driver is responsible for the rental period (from the date and time of receipt of the vehicle to the date and time of the return of the vehicle) as the Main driver.
  • In order to add an Additional Driver to the Car Rental Agreement, the original documents such as Driver's License, Identity Document, Passport must be released and present at the relevant AYTUCAR office, as in the original driver. No additional driver can be added with statements such as phone, photocopy or picture. 


a) Turkish citizens who will make a rental know and accept that it is only possible to drive in our country with their driver's licenses from foreign countries, only under the following terms and conditions:

  • With the driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries, the vehicle can be used for a maximum of 1 year from the date of entry into the country.
  • It is obligatory for those who have been in our country for more than six months to have the Turkish translation of their driver's license approved by foreign representatives or notary public, together with their driver's license.
  • At the end of one year, it is obligatory to replace the driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries with our country's driver's license in order to be able to drive in our country.

b) Foreign people who will be renting know and accept that it is possible for them to drive in our country with their driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries, under the following terms and conditions:

  • With the driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries, the vehicle can be used for a maximum of 6 months from the date of entry into our country.
  • At the end of six months, it is obligatory to replace the driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries with our country's driver's license in order to be able to drive in our country.
  • Action is taken in accordance with Article 39 of the Law No. 2918 for those who drive without meeting the conditions specified in this article with their driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries.


  • In the daily car rental service, the daily mileage limit varies depending on the rental period. Details are as in the table below. However, it cannot exceed 4000 KM during the rental period. The mileage cost varies on the basis of vehicle groups; In our lower and middle vehicle groups, 1.5 TL will be charged for each kilometer exceeded, and our vehicles in the middle and upper groups will be charged 2 TL for each kilometer exceeded. You can learn detailed information from our call center or offices.
  • In monthly rentals, the right to use mileage varies depending on the vehicle group. The mileage fee varies on the basis of vehicle groups, and you can get detailed information from our call center or offices.







400 KM







  • From our Antalya International Airports Offices, which provide uninterrupted service for 24 hours, at any time of the day; In our other offices, vehicle pick up and drop off from the office during working hours (08:00-19:00) is free of charge. Vehicle deliveries and vehicle drop-offs outside of International Airports outside working hours are subject to an additional fee, provided that at least 24 hours' notice is given.


  • Vehicle delivery to the desired address or vehicle pick-up service from the desired address is subject to an additional fee. Since the additional fee varies according to the distance, you can get information from the 24/7 call center numbered 0850 305 07 07 or the nearest AYTUCAR office.


  • In case the vehicle is returned from the Aytucar office where it was rented to another Aytucar office, the Drop Fees specified in the table below are reflected as an additional service. In case of return in a different city or at an address where Aytucar office is located, the One-Way fee calculated according to the distance is applied regardless of the rental period. Fee information varies on office basis, and you can get detailed information by calling the 24/7 call center on 0850 305 07 07.


GAZİPAŞA 0 500 1.250 1.500 1.500 1.800 2.000
ALANYA 500 0 1.000 1.250 1.250 1.500 1.750
BELEK 1.250 1.000 0 600 600 800 1.000
KUNDU 1.500 1.250 600 0 400 500 800
AIRPORT 1.500 1.250 600 400 0 500 800
MERKEZ 1.800 1.500 800 500 500 0 700
KEMER 2.000 1.750 1.000 800 800 700 0



  • Services and assurances included and not included in the rental price are listed below. You can purchase assurances that are not included in your prices from our sales offices at the beginning of the rental. You can also get detailed information about the current limits from our sales offices.


  • Personal Accident Insurance (PI) is included within the scope of the Highway Compulsory Traffic Insurance limits.
  • Damage Liability Assurance (CDW) and 18% Added Value Tax is included.



  • Excess does not apply to the rentals you make from AYTUCAR. You are responsible for the damages that occur in one-sided or double-sided accidents that may occur in the vehicle you rent, at the rate of your fault (0%, 50%, 100%). You may be exempt from this liability up to the limits specified in the additional assurances you will purchase.


  • The cost of damage to the vehicle is determined according to the proforma invoice amount to be received from the Authorized Service or Aytucar Service Department.


  • While determining the Defect Rate in Traffic Accidents, insurance companies evaluate by taking into account the accident reports, documents and photographs prepared by the Police, Gendarmerie units or drivers. These defect rates are 0%, 50% or 100%.


  • Fuel, Bridge, Highway Fees, Traffic Fines, Parking Charges and extra insurances (Basic Insurance Package), (Standard Insurance Package), (Premium Insurance Package), Additional Driver, One Way Fee, Vehicle Delivery and Pick-up Fees, Extra requests such as Baby/Child Seat, Navigation Device, Additional Kilometre Packages are not included.
  • Vehicles are returned with the amount of fuel delivered. For vehicles returned with missing fuel, the missing fuel difference is charged with the service fee. Refunds cannot be made for vehicles that are returned with more fuel than the fuel level from which they were received. 


  • You can feel safer by choosing the services and additional assurances that are not included in the rental agreement according to your needs and budget. 



    € /DAY



Basic Insurance Package (BIP)

      7 €


It is a Mini Assurance Package that offers the advantage of repairing damages up to 150 € with a tenant´s declaration.

Standard  Insurance Package (SIP)

     14 €


It is the Standard Protection Package that protects one of the tire, glass headlight damages except for the damage and the advantage of repair with the tenant´s declaration for damages up to 250 €

Premium  Insurance Package (PIP)

     21 €


Benefit of repair with the tenant´s declaration for damages up to  400 € and LCF  that protects one of the tires, glass headlights, except the accident.


In all vehicle groups, a fixed fee of 15 days will be applied for rentals of 15 days or more up to a month.

Detailed information is given under the "INSURANCES" title.



Example-1: You purchased a Simple Assurance Package (BIP), and while parking the vehicle a damage of 1000₺ occurred on the vehicle body as a result of rubbing(wall, garbage can, etc.). You do not make any payments because you have received a Simple Insurance Package (BIP). It is sufficient to fill out the declaration form.

Example-2: You purchased a Simple Assurance Package (BIP), and while parking the vehicle a damage of 3000₺ occurred on the vehicle body as a result of rubbing(wall, garbage can, etc.). Since you have purchased the Simple Insurance Package (BIP), you will be exempt from the upper limit of 2500₺, you just need to pay 500₺ and fill out the declaration document.

Example-3: You have not purchased any Insurance Packages. As a result of rubbing the vehicle while parking the vehicle (on the wall, garbage can, etc.), the vehicle body was damaged in the amount of 750₺. You pay 750₺ because you did not receive a Simple Assurance Package (BIP) and damage occurred due to one-sided driver defect.


 (Important: Even if you have received an additional assurance package, regardless of your defect rate, to arrange the mutual accident detection report (it must be wet signed in both copies) or issuing other documents required by security officers (driver's licenses, vehicle licenses, mandatory traffic of vehicles mandatory traffic insurance policies, accident pictures). OTHERWISE, YOU CANNOT BENEFIT FROM ANY EXEMPTIONS BY BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES TO BOTH THE VEHICLE YOU DRIVE AND OTHER VEHICLES INCLUDED IN THE ACCIDENT).

Example-4: You purchased a Standard Insurance Package (SIP), you were involved in a two-sided traffic accident. There was 5000 ₺ damage to the vehicle you used. It has been determined that you are 50% defective in the Traffic Accident Detection Report, which is issued mutually or by the Security Units. Although 2500₺ is your responsibility depending on your defect rate, it will be sufficient to deliver the accident documents without making any payment, since you have received the Standard Insurance Package (SIP) (Protection Coverage is up to 5000₺).

Example-5: You bought a Standard Insurance Package (SIP), you were involved in a two-sided traffic accident. There was 10.000₺ damage to the vehicle you used. It has been determined that you are 100% defective in the Traffic Accident Detection Report, which is issued mutually or by the Security Units. According to your defect rate, 5000₺ of the damage to the vehicle you have used is your responsibility. Since you have received Standard Insurance Package (Protection Guarantee is up to 5000₺), it will be sufficient to pay 10000₺-5000₺=5000₺ and deliver the accident documents.

Example-6: You did not purchase any Extra Insurance, you were involved in a two-way traffic accident. There was 5000 ₺ damage to the vehicle you used. It has been determined that you are 0% defective in the Traffic Accident Detection Report, which is issued mutually or by the Security Units. You are not responsible for the damage caused to the vehicle you have used, according to your defect rate. It will be sufficient to deliver the accident documents without making any payment.


  • • Depending on your needs, you can request the services with daily prices below when making a reservation or when picking up your vehicle. (Additional KM package is added to the total usage. It is independent of the number of days.)

Baby Seat (59₺ per day

Child Seat (59₺ per day

Additional Driver (29₺ per day)

  • By providing driving conditions. 

Extra KM Packages (100km, 250km, 400km)

  • You can get information from our call center or offices.



  • Our rental customers are required to have a credit card arranged on their behalf during the rental. MasterCard or Visa card is accepted for deposit and Debit card / debit card or prepaid cards are not accepted.
  • In the case of rental bookings made through Euro (€), if the rental and additional service fees are requested to be paid in TL , payment shall be made by converting to TL on the basis of the exchange rates of the Central Bank of Turkey on the start of the lease.

  • For credit bookings made with the Virtual Card, the credit card to which the virtual card is processed must be presented.

  • When you make a reservation on our web page, you must show the card that is paid during pickup.

  • The payment method of the rent is made only by personal credit card and debit card as per the relevant laws.

  • The amount of the deposit varying according to the type of rental and the group of vehicles must be provided from the personal credit card. The name and surname of the person who will be able to rent on the credit card should be found.

  • If your credit card is open to mail-order, your deposit will be made through virtual pos. The return of the deposit is made 15 work-days from the date of your return on the same credit card.

  • If your credit card is closed to mail order, the physical pos device is taken from the authorization process. Provisions obtained from Physical Pos device are automatically removed at the average 25 to 28 days after the transaction speed of the bank. Our company does not interfere with the removal of blockage before any action is taken.

  • The driver's license, T.C ID Card (foreign passport) for our guests with a foreign passport and his credit card must be presented to the AYTUCAR office. Credit card must be open to the use of the Internet.

  • Aytucar reserves the right to request a second credit card if it deems necessary. It is at AYTUCAR's disposal to provide a vehicle if the credit card cannot be authorized or if the credit rating (Findex) question is negative. Credit The current Findeks grade (1300) should be valid if the inquiry is needed.


  • If the reservation is canceled until 24 hours before the pick-up time for paid bookings, the full rental fee will be refunded by AYTUCAR.
  • When payment is made between 24 hours and 2 hours, the 1 day rental fee will be cut and the remaining amount will be refunded by AYTUCAR. (1-day bookings will not be refunded)

  • For cancellations made 2 hours before the delivery of the car, rental fee is not refundable.

  • In the case of paid bookings, our customers' vehicles will be kept for 2 hours from the pick-up time and within two hours, our customers will be able to receive their vehicles. After 2 hours the booking will be automatically canceled by the system and no refund will be made.

  • In the event that the lessor submits the vehicle early, the rent amount of the remaining days shall be returned with the deduction of 30% on the rent amount in line with the demand of the lessor, or the amount remaining in the next car rental of the lessor is automatically deducted from the total rent amount.


  • For the bookings made via the payment or reservation center, call center and AYTUCAR offices, the following procedures shall apply.
  • For reservations made from the 7/24 call center at 08503050707 or from your nearest AYTUCAR office, the booking change will be made free of charge until 24 hours before pick-up time.

  • For reservations of less than 24 hours, booking changes will be made based on vehicle availability or canceled.

  • For paid bookings up to 24 hours prior to pick-up time, the requested change of booking will be made free of charge.

  • For paid bookings less than 24 hours after the delivery of the vehicle, a 1 day rental fee will be charged by making a reservation change.
  • If there is a difference between the rental price on the reservation date and the rental price on the new booking date, the difference will be charged.


  • Drivers who do not return at the date and time stated in the rental contract should request at least 24 hours before the call center or our offices to extend the rental period.It is not possible to extend the lease period except for the information and approval of AYTUCAR.
  • In case of vehicle availability, your request for extension will be met. The tenant agrees and declares that he / she has to return the vehicle when there is no vehicle availability or the extension request is not approved.

  • In the calculation of the rental price for the lease extension days, the current daily rental fee and the extra services, if any, are added to the rental fee of the lessee.If there is not enough balance in the credit card, the tenant is asked to upload to the credit card. Your request is not approved before the additional day fee is collected.

  • Even if the lease agreement is not signed after the lease extension, it will be bound by the terms of this agreement. The tenant agrees that the failure to deliver the vehicle despite the expiration of the contract constitutes a criminal offense under the provisions of the criminal law and will not retain the vehicle beyond the lease term. Accepts and declares that he / she knows that he / she cannot benefit from insurance, guarantees and legal rights during the end of the lease period and / or in case of illegal vehicle use.


  • There is a 2 hour option for the return of rented vehicles. For delays exceeding 2 hours, a 1-day rental fee is charged, including additional services and optional insurance.


  • Any liability and financial penalty arising from the non-compliance with traffic laws shall be borne by the customer. Due to the fact that the vehicles are held by official or unofficial authorities for whatever reason, the period of time is considered within the term of the contract.
  • The amounts of traffic violations (HGS tolls, fugitive transit fines, traffic fines, etc.) incurred during the lease are charged to AYTUCAR by the relevant government agencies. The related traffic ticket collected during the rental will be collected from the credit card that is presented at the time of the rental.

  • 2€ Service price is added in the collection of traffic fines.

HGS USE(For Toll Road)

  • All our vehicles in our fleet are HGS. When your rental period ends, your HGS usage information will reach our offices and the toll will be charged to your credit card. As the collection process related to the toll is linked to the General Directorate of Highways, it is possible to make collection later than the ordinary periods.

  • If you pass through the OGS tolls with our HGS vehicles; you are making illegal passes. The illegal toll (as in other traffic infringements) is paid by AYTUCAR to the relevant governmental agencies and the toll toll (as in other traffic violations) is collected from the credit card presented during the lease.

  • HGS cannot be used on the motorways operated by Osman Gazi and Yavuz Sultan Selim bridges and on the highways operated by the private sector.


  • The explanation of our assurances is given below. The explanations are for general and information purposes. AYTUCAR reserves the right to change this information over time. Guarantees included in your reservation are included in your price offer and / or reservation confirmation.
  • You can purchase the assurances that are not included in your prices from our sales offices at the start of the lease. You can also get detailed information about the current limits from our sales offices.

  • Damage Liability Insurance (CDW): In case of an accident, the other vehicle is covered by the General Assurance Conditions. The rental price is included.

  • Theft Insurance (TP): The tenant can insure the rented car against theft. Included in the full Accident Assurance package. Additional insurance packages are not received, the Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey; In the case of theft incidents occurring with the condition of covering the conditions determined about the motor insurance policies, 5% of the total price of the vehicle is recourse to the lessor.

  • Tire Windscreen Headlight Assurance (TWH): It is the assurance provided for damage to the tire, glass and headlight which can occur in the rented vehicle without being connected to the accident.

  • Mini Damage Assurance (MI): It is the assurance that the rented vehicle has the advantage of providing repair with tenant declaration in damages up to 750 TL. . Tire Windscreen and Headlight damage, which are not connected to any accident, are not covered by this insurance.

  • Full Accident Assurance (SCDW): Accident related to the accident due to the full and complete reports on the accident and the principal of the vehicle leased on the condition that all the damages in the vehicle is covered.

  • Personal Accident Insurance (PI): It is a insurance that guarantees the driver and persons in the vehicle within the limits of the Compulsory Road Insurance. It is calculated based on the number of seats in the vehicle.

  • AYTUCAR reserves the right to change the vehicle types specified in the tariff with the price conditions without prior notice.

The Coverage from Insurances will be void and the loss will not be covered by the insurance:The use of the vehicle on the lease other than the name of the person,

  • The use of the vehicle outside the normal conditions of use (use of the vehicle with high engine temperature, bad road conditions or walking on the flat tire, improper fuel filling, etc.),

  • Use of the vehicle outside the traffic rules (exceeding the legal speed limits, crossing the red light and other similar violations),

  • Use of the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs,

  • Damage or accident caused by a cargo carried in the vehicle,

  • Careless and unrestricted use of the vehicle (not to adjust the speed according to the road conditions in the rainy weather, not to follow the vehicle at the minimum safety distance, and other similar uses)

  • Failure to notify the customer of an accident or the stolen status of the incident,leaving the vehicle at the scene of the accident (except in the case of a preventive situation determined by the doctor's report),

  • In case of an accident occurring within 48 hours from the relevant authorities (traffic and alcohol report) not received,

  • Failure to deliver the original key and license in case the vehicle is stolen.

  • Damage to the vehicle or other side due to the loads carried within the vehicle,

  • Passenger / freight transport in return for an open or hidden income,

  • Pulling / pushing any vehicle,

  • The amount of pecuniary damage arising from damage caused to third parties is covered by the guarantee of compulsory liability insurance. The customer is responsible for the amounts outside the margins of the collateral.

  • Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey; If the insurance companies do not pay the insurance price due to the fact that the insurance companies are not


  • One-way accident,in the event of an accident, the vehicle damage to the vehicle or theft of the vehicle with theft of the vehicle, the location of the vehicle (the vehicle) without changing the location of the nearest police or gendarmerie station by contacting the accident, theft, eyewitness detection and alcohol detection reports should be taken.
  • In case of accidents with DOUBLE SIDE, according to the way the boiler is formed, drivers are obliged to fill in the Material Damaged Accident Report as specified on the minutes, except as stated in the following articles.

  • It is the responsibility of the lessor of the vehicle drivers to take pictures of the driver's license, the vehicle license and the obligatory traffic insurance photocopy / pictures, and the damaged areas and plates of the vehicles.

  • one or more drivers involved in accidents or foreign qualified foreign nationals from the driver's passport credentials page with a photocopy of the page of the entry stamp to Turkey shot / picture of the damage is necessary to add to the paperwork.

  • The failure of these documents to be filed or incomplete by insurance companies causes the vehicle to be excluded from the insurance coverage and the lessor pays the damages.

In case of double-sided accidents, the traffic accident report shall be issued only by the traffic police.

  • If a driver without a driver's license is used,

  • If the driver has small age,

  • If there is any suspicion of alcohol or mental health in the driver,

  • If one of the vehicles involved in the accident belongs to public institutions,

  • If the damage to the goods belonging to public institutions occurs,

  • In the case of a traffic accident only damage to objects belonging to 3rd persons,

  • In the event that one of the vehicles involved in the accident does not have traffic insurance coverage,

  • Traffic accident will result in death and / or body damage.


  • In the event of an accident, it is obligatory to inform the nearest police or gendarmerie station by taking the accident report, theft and alcohol detection reports according to the shape of the boiler without changing the location of the vehicle or informing the Hotline 0850 305 07 07 which provides 7/24 service.
  • In case the vehicle is stolen, it is obligatory to contact the nearest police or gendarmerie station and to provide the 7/24 0850 305 07 07 Support Line. Otherwise, all guarantees received are considered as invalid and any damages are collected from the tenant to include the material and moral losses given to third parties.

  • Please make sure that the vehicle delivery and pick-up form is filled in and signed at the start and return of the rental.

  • In order to extend the rental period, to inform / change the departure time and day, please call the office where you rented or the reservation center.

  • In case of accident, vehicle breakdown or support for any reason during the rental, the Support Line 0850 305 07 07 should be searched.

  • It is your responsibility to use the vehicle according to road, climatic conditions and speed limits. You are responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the vehicle other than the capacity and production purpose, hitting it to different places such as bumps and pits, using it on the land and on the beach and damage caused by water entering the engine or other parts of the vehicle. You must not use the vehicle to compete, to speed, to test the durability and speed of the vehicle and to teach someone to drive.

  • In case of periodic maintenance mileage of your vehicle during your use, please contact our Support Line so that you can continue your journey safely.

  • Keep the vehicle locked in all situations. Be sure to use the correct fuel. Check the oil level and keep the tire air to the proper level.

  • You cannot sell, rent or rent the vehicle and any part of it. Even if it is free of charge, you cannot use the vehicle for the use of any other than the names in the contract. You may not grant any person legal rights on the vehicle and you may not assign your rights.

  • Under no circumstances should the brake, clutch, transmission oil or engine coolant fluid levels be completed for your own safety. If there is any warning light on the instrument panel or low oil level, contact us immediately. In case of emergency, the telephone number that you can reach 24 hours will be given to you by the office manager.

  • You should warn us immediately if you have detected any problems with the vehicle. Do not allow any person to work on the vehicle without any written permission.

  • The expenses incurred in order to return to the pre-rental status due to the changes made in the vehicle except for our approval; damage to glass and headlight, interior trim in the vehicle, seats, wheels and damage to equipment such as jack, antenna, key, license etc. of the vehicle is your responsibility.


  • Please make sure that all necessary documents are ready before picking up your vehicle.
  • Original Driver's License (Double-sided photocopy).

  • A valid credit card for the driver

  • For passengers who rent a Voucher, a certain amount of credit card is required.

  • Booking confirmation

  • Passport / ID Card or Passport (Passport is only required for foreign nationals and those who rent with a foreign country license)


  • When you arrive at our office to pick up your car, the vehicle will be ready to rent. It is our first priority to show all the necessary precision to ensure that all of our vehicles are ready for leasing in terms of mechanical, technological and comfort. If you think that these standards have not been met, please inform the person concerned about the lease.


  • Before picking up your vehicle, you should carefully inspect the vehicle and if there is any damage or missing equipment in the contract, please ask the relevant persons to renew the contract. When you deliver your vehicle, "unspecified damages and deficiencies" will be considered to have occurred during the lease period and you will be responsible for such damages as the customer.
  • During the renting, please keep the signed lease agreement and the vehicle delivery form by the relevant personnel. In case of necessity, AYTUCAR records shall be taken as basis.

  • At the end of the rental at the beginning of the rental car in the "Car Return" section of the "Car Return" is filled by our staff (Return Date, Time, Km v.s) is signed mutually, during the rental period if there is no damage and missing equipment "NO NEW DAMAGE" check that the phrase is written.


  • The vehicles are returned with the amount of fuel to which they are delivered. For vehicles that are returned with missing fuel, a 20 araç service fee is charged in addition to missing fuel. Fuel can not be refunded on vehicles that are returned with more fuel than the fuel level.


  • At the end of the rental, check that you have any personal belongings inside the vehicle before handing over the vehicle. AYTUCAR does not accept any responsibility for forgotten items in the vehicle.


  • If you fail to comply with the following conditions, the lease agreement will be terminated unilaterally by AYTUCAR.
  • If you are the final consumer, rent, extension and additional service fees are not paid on time, the contract will be terminated without any warning and notice. In this case the tenant must immediately return the car. In the event that the vehicle is not returned, the tenant officially accepts and commits that he / she commits a crime of misconduct.

  • If you are found to be liable to any of your property in respect of your debts or if such a matter is notified to you, the lease agreement will be terminated unilaterally by AYTUCAR.

  • If you are a commercial company, the lease agreement is terminated unilaterally by AYTUCAR in the following cases.

  • Your company is in the process of liquidation, if the trustee is in the trust of the goods or,

  • If you went to legal ways to agree with the creditor,

  • If it is determined that your goods are subject to debt

  • If you do not comply with the terms of this contract,

  • The unilateral termination of this contract shall not affect the collection of your debts arising from this contract. AYTUCAR reserves the right to charge the costs and damages resulting from the termination of this contract.

  • After the expiration of this contract, you acknowledge and undertake that you must maintain the vehicle safely and deliver it to the nearest office, even if it is finished.Any expenses for the return of the vehicle will be paid by you.


  • You agree that we may use any information you have provided to AYTUCAR for this rental, to decide whether we will add you to our customer list, to receive payment and to receive payment, and to investigate the matters that require follow-up after the vehicle is in your use and after the return. 
  • We may also use the information you provide to us in the market research study.

  • If you violate the terms of the rental agreement, we may take this to our records in order to use it in making decisions about you in the future. We can share this information with all other institutions such as credit rating agencies, security and traffic police, the institutions you are indebted, and other organizations (TOKKDER) who will decide whether you can be their customers or not. You agree that we may collect information about your car rental history from other organizations in providing you with a vehicle. You agree that we will provide you with the information of you and the additional drivers mentioned in this lease when requested by public authorities and courts.

  • Any of our ”us, or imiz us” offices mentioned in this article may be any of our agents.


  • Dear Customer, In accordance with the Tax Procedures Law no. 433. At the end of the rental will not be provided by our offices and will be sent to your e-mail address defined in our records. It is important that you provide your billing information in full.


  • Dear Customer, You can send any requests, suggestions and complaints about our rental, vehicles and personnel directly to our e-mail address or call center at 0850 305 07 07. Your request and complaint will be examined by our related departments and you will be informed.


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