DISCOVER the most beautiful places with us

DISCOVER the most beautiful places with us

Andrea Doria Bay

Andrea Doria is named after the Genoese Admiral Andrea Doria.Finike - Demre is on the highway and about 2 miles from Finike town center.Surrounded by cliffs, maquis and wild olives, Andrea Doria is a living area where dark caretta carettas are fed. In addition, the bay is one of the places of extinction of Mediterranean monk seals. Andrea Doria Cove, a pirate bed in history, is now a popular destination for cruising boats.

It is also known as Radyofor Bay, which has a unique beauty with its undisturbed natural environment. The roadside is not visible from the bay highway because it is closed with cypress trees. When you park your car on the roadside in order to get into the sea, take into consideration the Police warnings in order not to leave any special and valuable goods in your vehicle.

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