Rental Terms

Rental Terms

Rental Terms


Rental Period:
The minimum rental period is 1 day.
In delay after 2 hours, we charged one day price including CDW (Insurance).

Long Time Car Rental:
Long time Car Rentals are at least 30 continuous days. For monthly and yearly rentals you get a service requirements. For more information please call AY-TU Reservation Center Tel: 444 9 268

One Way Rental:
Should the vehicle be delivered in a different place instead rent place, are calculated without taking into account to stay one-way price. For more information please call AY-TU to Reservation Center. (The online reservation page it is automatically calculated)

Acceptance and Return:
24 hour open offices in the International Airport at any time, in our other offices during the working times, assumptions and returns can be free of charge. If in addition to the international airport and take place outside of working hours on or returns, additional costs will be calculated

Driver's license, and age:
The driver must be at least 21 years old and be in possession of a valid International "to the appropriate class driver's license.

Additional drivers:
In addition to the other tenants can only drive the vehicle which is registered with ID driver's license and the contract. If no entry exists and restricted number of accidental injury and shown to the insurance is invalid

Prices Contain - Not Contain:
Rates include unlimited km ride, vehicle maintenance costs and insurance.
Gasoline, highway tolls, bridges, traffic penalties and additional insurance (theft insurance, tires, glass, headlights), the additional requirements, such as one-way charges, vehicle arrival from delivery charges, child seats, navigation system and VAT are not included in the price.

Payment and Deposit:
When renting the total amount can be paid Eurocard, Visa, Master Card. Online banking or cash deposit are accepted

Traffic Fines
In Turkey, the traffic on Highways exceeding 120 km, between the towns within 90 km and 50 km instead of speed. Please take care when parking to no parking signs.

The Tenant is self-responsible for are traffic penalty. If the car is held by the police, this time is also calculated as the rental period. Insurance is not liable for the damage caused by the abuse. After the release of the vehicle should arrive at AY-TU TOURISM traffic punishment, it is the renter than cash or credit card (mail order cashed).

Other Services
When needed for luxury vehicles with driver within the Turkey's, please call AY-TU Tourism

Important Note :
Damage from use as do slide-tape, traffic sets, plates, etc., interior, exterior damage to equipment are not covered by insurance. Accident report must be obtained within 48 hours of AY-TU TOURISM RENT A CAR . The vehicles are secured by the lessor, the applicable insurance laws and regulations in Turkey, the mandatory and optional insurance. For the additional liability insurance where the tenants pay no additional premium must be in an accident, except where the driver drives the vehicle from AY-TU, are for the third Persons of property damage and treatment costs, death and disability expenses under the Act is drafted by the report. AY-TU offers for your customers are not in the insurance, is this voluntary insurance, the tenant will pay an additional daily fee and signed the contract on the acceptance box, can take advantage of a security described in this section.

Liability insurance (CDW)
The tenant is liable and responsible for the damages that could get in using the AY-TU has been hired Rent A Car. Insurance guarantees that property damage may be caused by the tenant.

Theft insurance (TP):
The tenant can guarantee by this insurance the car for a theft incident.

Tire-glass headlights Insurance (TWH):
If desired, the lessee by this insurance is not in Casco insurance are covered, such as tire-cracking, glass and spotlight beraking occurrences guarantee outcoming damage.

To ensure that all insurance companies are valid: *To keep all traffic laws and rules.
* No poor and inperfect use.
* The vehicle use it under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
* The vehicle is not used on legal speed limit.
* Alcohol and traffic reports before the vehicle is moved and taken to be achieved within 48 hours of AY-TU RENT A CAR.
* The driver is listed in the lease,
* The vehicle must not be used without a licensed driver. Otherwise, the insurance will be void and the tenant is liable for all damages. When misleading statements to AY-TU TOURISM staff, transport team officials and local law enforcement authorities, the vehicles for traffic-use areas and excessive freight and passenger transport, insurance is by itself

In the accident, in the shortest time call 444 9 268 Emergency numbers or AY-TU-tourism center and the explanation is required.
* AY-TU TOURISM RENT A CAR reserves the right to change without notice specified in the schedule of vehicles and price situation.

For detailed information please call us:
Head Office : 444 9 268







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